Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is this? Why are we here?

I'm a compulsive music collector.

Yes, like you, i really love music. But I have tremendous loyalty to a few bands, most notably Underworld and Genesis (worlds apart musically, but both have served me well), meaning I have put a lot of hours into listening and collecting everything i can get my hands on by them.

I discovered Underworld (outside the rare comp. track) in earnest in 2002. Truly changed my musical directions. Like all obsessions, things (i.e downloading and buying) soon got out of hand. And now, 8 years later, i have about 130 bootleg recordings, not to mention all the LPs, most every single and a lot of rarities/imports.

By no means do i have every gig that Underworld has performed, but i do have the majority of those that have been recorded (in concert or via radio) from 1994-present.

Sure, i've listened to them all, usually as soon as i obtained them. Sure, i have my favorites. But recently we moved and i reorganized by CD collection (yes, i burn all the downloads i enjoy to CD - old fashioned for sure! But mp3s are so impersonal and seemingly impermanent), and it was pretty overwhelming. Why am i collecting these? There are only so many hours in the day to listen to music, and it's mostly taken up by whatever's on my mind /mood at present.

So, in the interest of (1) enjoying again all those moments of magical discovery and (2) somewhat scientifically checking again how the band has evolved their live performances, road-tested songs, and build their repertoire of favorites, improvs, one-offs, and period pieces...

i resolve to play at least 2 and hopefully several Underworld boots per day and record a few impressions. And because Underworld's not all I listen to, I'll probably use this blog to post some reviews of other bands that are rocking my socks, some links to netlabels offering free music by deserving new/obscure artists, and maybe pump my own music/netlabel releases a bit.

And while many/most who read this don't really care about my impressions (because writing about music is ridiculously subjective), i'll keep the posting to the high-points as i see them - e.g. when a new track made the live set for the first time, the first or few recorded versions of an improv or new track that never saw the studio light (as far as we know), the gradual shifting from long improv beat-driven jams to having a catalog capable of sustaining a new tracklist every night, the departure of Darren Emerson, the arrival of Darren Price to the live mix, etc.

I hope that you'll share in the memories and fill in the blanks.

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