Thursday, July 29, 2010

Give and Take

We give. You take. That's how it works in netlabel-land.

Down Team Up are back with a summer record, and it's well worth the taking.

"Give and Take" opens and closes with breezy, atmospheric keys and nostalgic soundscapes, but is overstuffed with energetic sounds over the course of 12 tracks spanning 52 minutes. As with their debut EP, the tunes on "Give and Take" each have a distinctive personality and share traits with many styles of electronic music, but are seamlessly mixed together. Take the time to listen to the entire record as a whole and you'll be treated to a soundtrack for moments both magical and ominous, as well as a few self-depracating sonic winks.

Listen and Freely Download here!

More music from Down Team Up and other experimental electronic artists can be heard freely from Believe in Billy Records

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